The benefits of organic food – the value is more than health

Information about Organic tapioca starch
January 19, 2018

“If you really want to be healthier, buy organic food.” So what is organic food and what is the benefit of organic food?

Is the benefit worth the price you have to spend? These are questions that many consumers are asking and wanting to answer. Let’s find out below.

Benefits of organic food – The solution to ensure the health of the family The first thing that benefits organic food (organic) bring you can be completely assured about the safety of health.

Organic food is strictly controlled in the process of cultivation, breeding, plant breeding .. ensure absolutely no use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemicals to protect plants. This reduces the risk of food poisoning in mild form and reduces the risk of cancer in the long run.

According to research from the European Union, pesticide residues in conventional foods are four times higher than organic food. Chemical residues on common foods are not easy to clean with water, salt as we usually use. These chemicals are not just pesticides but also heavy metals such as lead and mercury that are very dangerous to health.

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