Organic White Japonica Rice
February 1, 2018
Organic White Rice
February 1, 2018

Organic Brown Rice


Weight: 5kg, 10kg or As required

Made in Vietnam

MOQ: 1 container 20 ”

Payment term: T/T ,L/C

Delivery time: Within 15 – 25 days since receiving deposit payment or origin L/C.

Packing: box (2kg), bag (5kg, 10kg), package (5kg, 10kg, 15kg)

Health Value: Rice is peeled, not grated, is good for health because it retains most of the nutrients and large amounts of fiber, along with trace elements in the bran layer. In the process of production to the finished products are carried out in a closed process, reaching international standards. In addition, products packed with vacuum technology should completely eliminate the risk of aflatoxin fungal intoxication – which is a carcinogen – which during the manufacture, transport and packaging of Regular brown rice can not be guaranteed. Organic Dairy Drink offers many health benefits; Prevent cancer, help control diabetes, reduce cholesterol.

Brown rice when cooked for aroma of natural aromatic rice, soft spongy, loose and characteristic taste of organic rice.

Cooking instructions:

  • Wash rice once and then drain
  • Add water to rice at the rate of 1 rice: 2 water
  • Soak for 30 minutes for soft rice
  • Add a few drops of olive oil / vegetable oil and low salt before cooking to improve the taste of rice
  • Turn the rice after ripe and enjoy.

The product is certified according to USDA / NOP & EU standards (US Department of Agriculture & Forestry).

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